Highly Customizable…

Our managerial best practices, creating efficiencies in portfolio management capability and acquisition oversight through establishment of portfolio management practices, metrics-driven reviews and goal-setting, and alignment to strategic goal of our clients.

We are highly collaborative in our project and program execution style, knowing the importance of both in-flight projects and new initiatives. EvoTech leverages the Project Management Institutes (PMI) methodologies, traditional and agile, for organizational change to ensure that all programs are executed in accordance to the parent organization’s long-term strategic plans and provides a framework for managing change as organizations evolve.

Formulating Sound Business Strategy…

Creating a vision and getting stakeholder buy-in is one of the first critical steps of developing strong business strategies. Acting and following through on the plan is just as equally important.

EvoTech uses a building block methodology to help organizations make strategic decision and carry them through to reality through to operational success.

We have an eight step process that builds each block one at a time.

  1. Determine the right questions.
  2. Diagnose where, how, and why we make money.
  3. Forecast the future.
  4. Search for winning paths to reach our objectives.
  5. Choose what and how to integrate our strategy.
  6. Commit to drive change.
  7. Evolve to adapt and learn.
  8. Execute and always revisit lessons learned.