Cindy Seal Awarded Contractor of the Year for United States Marshals Service

EvoTech’s Game Changer Cindy Seal is awarded Contractor of the Year 2019 for United States Marshals Service. Congratulations Cindy! You continue to “Make IT Happen”! Thank you for all you do and for your continued passion for the USMS Mission!!  Ms. Seal’s contributions to the Sex Offender Investigations Branch (SOIB) and all 94 United States Marshals Service districts are truly remarkable. Ms. Seal is the developer of the SOIB’s SharePoint operations planning system, which is utilized on a daily basis by districts. Within the SOIB, Ms. Seal created a national operations tracking database for the National Sex Offender Targeting Center.  Although Ms. Seal works for the SOIB, she has also extended her support to the Domestic Investigations Branch, where she created a new Confidential Informant database and workflow process, as well as a complete redevelopment of the Indian Country Tracking form.  Ms. Seal continued her supportive efforts with the Criminal Intelligence Branch, where she built the workflow that automated the SHIELD application and update process. Ms. Seal’s work product has a significant direct impact on each and every district in the Agency.

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